Broadband interchangeable TDD/FDD analog front-end

Iris® 2T x 2R TDD/FDD analog radio front-end for operation in 50 – 3800 MHz bands.

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The Broadband analog front-end is part of the Iris family of software-defined radio (SDR) modules designed to support coherent real-time wireless Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) operation with hundreds of coherent digital radio chains. The unique modular design of Iris draws on years of massive MIMO research, enabling scalable MIMO systems with minimal cabling.

The Broadband analog front-end is a compact analog RF front-end for the Iris-030 SDR platform that provides TDD/FDD switching capabilities for frequencies between 50 – 3800 MHz. No amplification, filtering, or frequency duplexing is implemented, allowing the use of all frequencies in either Time Division Duplex (TDD) or Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) mode for development, or the addition of external RF components to prototype custom systems.

In addition to providing design flexibility for new radio systems and technologies, the Broadband analog front-end hardware design is open-sourced, providing researchers and developers with a starting point for implementing their own custom Iris analog front-end.

For applications that require high-powered, filtered RF front ends, Skylark offers a line of other band-specific analog front ends built for specific 3GPP bands ideal for Massive MIMO and 5G.


  • Rapid prototyping for 5G/6G MIMO systems
  • Asset tracking and IoT
  • Signal intelligence development
  • Directional tracking & localization
  • Array signal processing
Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 6.061 × 3.912 × 1.192 cm

50 – 3700 MHz

Duplex Mode

Time Division Duplex
Frequency Division Duplex

Available Gain

No gain on board

Antenna Interface

4x SMA plugs

Additional Features

16 software-controlled LEDs