Faros® is a true Massive MIMO wireless solution that scales to any size deployment on any sub-6 GHz spectrum.

Far more than 5G

What is Faros?

Today, over 40 million Americans and 3 billion people worldwide do not have broadband Internet access. This digital divide leaves rural populations without critical access to education, healthcare, and commerce. Skylark Wireless’s 5G+ Massive MIMO Faros® system is the solution, delivering an order of magnitude more coverage and speed than competitors, at a fraction of the cost.

The advantages of Faros® last-mile broadband

10x Capacity vs LTE

Faros provides the highest real-world spectral efficiency available, exceeding 50 bps/Hz in the field. With support for up to 40 MHz of bandwidth, each sector can provide up to 2 Gbps of aggregate capacity and up to 32 spatial streams.

Long-range & NLoS

Faros implements true Massive MIMO beamforming to drastically increase the coverage range of networks using Faros. Deployments can connect point-to-multipoint (PtMP) over 1,000 square miles from a single tower with non-line-of-sight (NLoS) connectivity.

Flexible and scalable

Faros scales to hundreds of radios per-sector with each radio adding even more range and capacity. Leveraging cutting-edge software defined radio (SDR) technology, Faros supports spectrum from 100 MHz to 6 GHz and can be endlessly upgraded once deployed.

Low cost per home

Faros performance transforms the economics of serving rural areas by drastically lowering the cost per household served. This will help bridge the digital divide that has left over 40 million Americans and over 3 billion people worldwide without broadband internet access.

Best in class MIMO hardware

Skylark re-imagined wireless hardware design from the ground up to support Massive MIMO, providing virtually unlimited scalability. All of our category-defining hardware is designed and assembled in the USA.


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