Bridging the digital divide

From our roots in delivering custom Software-Defined Radio (SDR) systems for the research and development market, we have grown to design and manufacture Massive MIMO radio solutions to bridge the digital divide.  Our products provide affordable access to education, commercial opportunities, healthcare, and entertainment for the citizens that have been left behind by the digital revolution.

Connecting and transforming lives worldwide

The high cost of fiber and satellite communications, as well as the poor range and capacity of cellular wireless technologies, leaves 40 million Americans and over half of the world without high-speed broadband communications. With under-served citizens located in primarily rural areas, the advanced technology for building high-speed, reliable internet infrastructure at an affordable price has been out of reach.

But Skylark Wireless is changing that. We believe that high-speed internet access is a great equalizer, providing citizens with vital education, access to commercial opportunities, and entertainment in an increasingly global world.

The building blocks of our work


We have a bias for action and value rapidly testing new ideas and considering new approaches. We are prepared to challenge convention, and we recognize that the lessons we learn through acting quickly are our competitive advantage.


We give our team the freedom and power to make key engineering decisions about our products. Their expertise and attention to detail will ensure that we can look back at our work proudly for years to come and that our customers will be thrilled.


Maintaining employee and customer trust is priceless. When faced with difficult problems, we will do the right thing and communicate honestly, ensuring that our company proceeds with integrity and that our products are reliable and safe.

The team that makes it happen

Mark Guz

IT Director

Robert Cunningham

Wireless Systems Engineer

Shaheer Mirza

Software Engineer

Samir Rahi

Product Manager

John Harris

Mechanical Engineer

Fernanda Perkins

Supply Chain Manager

Will Buck

Software Engineer

Nicholas Corgan

Electrical Engineer

Brian Sutton

Electronics Design Engineer

Teddie Vidolova

Hardware Design Engineer

Arav Singhal

Software Engineer

Vini Goncalves

Wireless Systems Engineer

Alan Chavez

Embedded Systems Engineer

Di Mu

Lead System Test Engineer

Kya Shafaei

Sr. Embedded Systems Engineer

Josh Stidham

Wireless Systems Engineer


Adam Chunn

Strategy & HR

Bets Lillo

Telecom & Supply Chain

Rob Strickland

Telecom & Enterprise

Woody Hutsell

Sales & Marketing