Low-UHF interchangeable analog front-end

Iris® 2T x 2R TDD analog radio front-end for TVWS and 700 MHz operation in 470 – 806 MHz bands.

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The Iris Low-UHF analog front-end is part of the Iris family of software-defined radio (SDR) modules designed to support coherent real-time wireless Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) operation with hundreds of coherent digital radio chains. The unique modular design of Iris draws on years of massive MIMO research, enabling scalable MIMO systems with minimal cabling.

The Low-UHF analog front-end is a compact analog RF front-end for the Iris-030 SDR platform that provides amplification and filtering capabilities for one or more Television White Space (TVWS) channels between 470 – 698 MHz and 3GPP band between 698 – 806 MHz, ideal for long-range, Time Division Duplex (TDD) Massive MIMO implementations.

Designed to directly attach to an Iris-030 SDR module and various off-the-shelf external antennas, the design of the Low-UHF analog front-end enables high-order MIMO systems with minimal cabling and hundreds of coherent radios. Compared to other TVWS systems, the MIMO platforms enabled by the Low-UHF analog front-end provide over 9-times the coverage area and over 10-times the capacity, enabling communications and 5G/6G systems that meet and exceed the minimum performance requirements for rural broadband subsidies.


  • Rapid prototyping for 5G/6G MIMO systems
  • Smart grid research
  • Smart agriculture/AgTech
  • Asset tracking and IoT
  • Signal intelligence
  • Directional tracking & localization
  • Array signal processing

470 – 806 MHz

Duplex Mode

Time Division Duplex

Output Power

Up to 30 dBm

Available Gain

45 dB adjustable receive gain
35 dB adjustable transmit gain

Antenna Interface

2x bulkhead SMA plugs

Additional Features

12 indicator LEDs