MIMO Bus Breakout Board

MIMO bus breakout board used with the Iris® SDR module platform.

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The Iris-EXT-04-BRK is a breakout board for the Iris-030 Software Defined Radio (SDR) MIMO Bus. It connects to either the upstream or downstream MIMO bus connector on Iris-030 and provides access to power, general purpose input/output (GPIO), differential clocks, and high-speed serial links.

GPIO is presented through standard 2.54 mm GPIO headers, and the clock, as well as high-speed serial links, are presented through female MCX connectors. Power is shared between both upstream and downstream connectors, but no data lines are passed through. The Iris-EXT-04-BRK may also be configured to loop-back the high-speed serial using 0 Ohm resistors.

Dimensions 8.255 × 10.096 cm

For serial loopback rather than breakout, use ordering number Iris-EXT-06-LPB.