SFP+ 13.2 Gbps Adapter

Iris® SFP+ 13.2 Gbps adapter board for Iris-030 MIMO bus distribution.

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The Iris SFP+ 13.2 Gbps Adapter is a proprietary adapter board that allows an Iris-030 Software-Defined Radio (SDR) module to backhaul data via any physical channel enabled by the Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP+) transceiver standard. The fully-programmable nature of the Iris SDR product line makes many configurations and coherent MIMO topologies possible with maximum distances for radio separation approaching 10 km.

Two common uses of the Iris SFP+ Adaptor are the following:

  1. When used with a Faros-HUB, the Iris SFP+ Adaptor uses two standard LC fiber-channel SFP+ transceivers to distribute clocking and data to one or more chains of Iris-030 SDRs.
  2. When used as a standalone unit, a single RJ45 SFP+ transceiver is used for standard 1000/100/10 Ethernet network operation.

The Iris SFP+ Adaptor contains four 12 VDC general purpose 3-pin fans ports and controllers for chassis fans. It also contains four sets of LED indicator drivers for development feedback or chassis indicators. Finally, an elevated temperature sensor provides ambient temperature measurements.


2x SFP+ upstream cages
2x SFP+ downstream cages
2x MCX auxiliary clock inputs
4x 2-pin LED indicators
4x 3-pin 12V fan connectors
1x IRIS MIMO bus downstream connector
1x IRIS MIMO bus upstream connector
2x 48 VDC MIMO bus power input jacks

Power Requirements

5 W maximum @ 48 VDC

Configuration Options

100 ppb Stratum 3 MEMS TCXO reference
Input auxiliary differential clock